Sustainable winegrowing

Sustainable Winegrowing Lodi Rules - Certified Green

All our vineyards are “Certified Green” under the Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing. The Lodi Rules is a 3rd party certified sustainable winegrowing program launched in 2005 and updated in 2013. The program takes a comprehensive approach to farming that goes beyond just pest management to promote practices that enhance biodiversity, water and air quality, soil health, economic viability, and employee and community well-being. The program has 101 farming practices that have been peer-reviewed by scientists, academics, and environmental organizations before being accredited by Protected Harvest. 

Beginning in 2012 all our wines will carry the “Certified Green” seal on the bottle. We also firmly believe that the majority of the practices in the Lodi Rules program also enhance quality. This seal on the bottle guarantees that the grapes going into that wine came from a certified vineyard, and it guarantees to you, the customer, that they were grown with care.