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We are excited to accounce our tasting room is once again open for tasting! Drop in for a tasting at the bar, or reserve a seated tasting using the link below. See you soon!

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Handcrafted Original Wines

St. Amant is a small family winery that has been handcrafting delicious wines since 1979.

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Old Vines

Our century old own-rooted Zinfandel at Mohr-Fry Ranch in Lodi make distinctive wines.

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The Bootleg Society

The Bootleg Society Wine Club provides exclusive access to St.Amant wines and special events throughout the year.

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We are excited to announce our tasting room is fully open! Check out all the details!

Featured Wines
Stuart Spencer
December 1, 2021 | Stuart Spencer

2000 Tawny Port - Madison's Blend

This past September we bottled our 2000 vintage port aptly named “Madison’s Blend” after my oldest daughter that was born on May 23, 2000. It is unlike any wine we’ve produced or anyone else is doing in California.  Continue »

Stuart Spencer
November 16, 2021 | Stuart Spencer

Harvest 2021 Update

One of the less discussed and less romanticized aspects of crafting distinctive wine is harvest logistics. Logistics is a term generally relegated to the manufacturing sector and supply chain when figuring out to how to move products most efficiently and effectively from point A to point B. And for wineries, once all the fluff and romance are removed, we are not much more than a fairly messy manufacturer.  Continue »