Leventini Vineyard

The Leventini Vineyard is the source of our delicious Barbera and Barbera Rose. Barbera is often regarded as the Rodney Dangerfield of grape varieties – it gets no respect! Unfortunately it is too often treated as a pedestrian variety – over-cropped, over-processed, and drowned of identity in some massive tank of wine. We, however, love this Ugly Duckling, and have consistently strived to capture its true identity. 

The grapes come from a 42 year old vineyard planted by our dear friend, and third-generation winegrower Ted Leventini. The vineyard is situated in sandy soils north east of the City of Lodi in the Jahant AVA of the Lodi region. The vineyard is now farmed by our vineyard manager, Todd Williams, and he meticulously manages it to our standards resulting in fresh and lively wines. 

The irony is that we never intended to make a Barbera. Ted had been pestering us for a number of years to make a wine from his vineyard, but we were already making plenty of unusual and lesser known wines, that we really didn’t need another. However, Ted, who is a bit of an accomplished chef and caterer, ended up cooking for my wedding, and we felt obligated to make a little wine. However, at the time, the entire vineyard was being sold to one of our larger southern neighbors, and Ted had to sneak a few tons away. The wine was an instant success – winning numerous awards and selling out in months, and has since been a mainstay of the St.Amant line of wines.