The Bastardo Society

A port club for those that crave uncompromising, quality, originality, and authenticity. A club unlike anything else in California.

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St. Amant Vineyard

We first planted our estate vineyard in the beautiful Sierra Foothills in 1972.

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Handcrafted Original Wines

St. Amant is a small family winery that has been handcrafting delicious wines since 1979.

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Old Vines

Our century old own-rooted Zinfandel at Mohr-Fry Ranch in Lodi make distinctive wines.

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The Bastardo Society

A club unlike anything else in California

Featured Wines

This is our 8th vintage of the Mohr-Fry Ranch Petite Sirah, and it is as delicious as the first. The vineyard is situated directly across from Marian’s Vineyard and was planted in the mid-1990’s. Picked in late September, it delivers delicious berry fruit, characteristically dark, but with a nice spicy savory finish. 

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Stuart Spencer
October 1, 2023 | Stuart Spencer

Why Ports and Portuguese Varieties

50 years ago, before today’s bearded beanie-wearing hipster winemakers were even a glimmer in their boomer mom’s eyes, my father chose a different path in California viticulture. His road was not defined by his outfit1, or schooling, but by his innate curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and love of farming. He had a simple vision. To grow world-class port-styled wines in his Amador County vineyard. This was not something he stumbled upon by accident, but an intentional effort of purpose. Some would call him crazy, others foolish, but he rarely cared what other’s thought, and instead chose his own path.  Continue »

Stuart Spencer
November 9, 2022 | Stuart Spencer

Harvest 2022

The wine business is not easy! It’s a capital-intensive business that is subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Its products (wines) have a long lead time requiring vintners to carry a lot of inventory. In some cases, you have produced 2-3 vintages of a new wine before you’ve even sold a single bottle and have any sense of whether the customer likes it. And there are plenty of charlatans circling the industry whose best skill is their inability to pay their bills.  Continue »